Seafood Extravaganza

Being last weekend in Torino, we searched for a nice place that didn’t involve red meat or cheese (returning from a french skiing resort, we definitely wanted something else) and a friend recommended a small seafood ristorante.

The official name is Ostriche Francesi, so there are for sure some french influences involved in the menu comprised of oysters, lobster, snails and pretty much everything you can eat from the sea, but the locals know it by Ristorante Simini.

The platters are huge (and quite cheap actually for what they have to offer), but just in case you don’t feel up to attacking a sea urchin or raw seafood, they also serve the most amazing pasta. Of course there is a huge wine selection you can also choose from.

If you find yourself in Torino, make sure to check out this place!






Their website is currently under construction, but here you have the address:

Corso Racconigi 30, 10139 Torino/Italy.

Make sure to book ahead though, as it’s super crowded and not that big.

Bon appetit!


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