Obsession no. 11

It’s been a while since I’ve been obsessing about a bag but this little thing from J.W. Anderson is definitely one of my crushes at this moment.

Lately I’ve not been a fan of big bags at all and whenever possible, I leave the house just with my phone and keys. (And a credit card stashed in a pocket, which I always worry I’ll loose at some point during going out.) But if I do wear a bag, it’s usually a small one, just big enough to fit all the other stuff that I need during the day.

But when I saw this new J.W. Anderson design it was instantly like… Hello, gorgeous!

So thanks, Sincerely Jules, for popping up in my Instagram feed and for putting this at the no. 1 spot on my wish list!

J.W. Anderson

J.W. Anderson

J.W. Anderson

Product images: J.W. Anderson.


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