Corners Of Saint Tropez

Beyond the fame, the celebrities, the luxury harbour or boutiques, my first visit to Saint Tropez had me discover the small and charmful village that was before all that. You probably all know the story of how it rose to fame first in the 20’s, when Coco Chanel or Elsa Schiaparelli were regular visitors and then to super stardom in the 50’s, being the location of the classic movie And God Created Woman, starring Brigitte Bardot. Now of course it’s a celebrity Mecca during the summer and the array of yachts docked in the bay is for sure some of the most impressive in the world. But again, beyond all that, the charm of the small town is still it’s most impressive feature, at least from my point of view.

Hope you’ll get the same feeling while discovering the pics in the gallery (click on each image to make it wider) and discover the little details that make it so special.

Photos: my iPhone.

PS: my advice would be to discover, instead of the big brands boutiques, the tiny local stores, filled with special finds. It’s a really small place so an afternoon of walking should cover all the shopping and bistros streets.


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