Carpathian Estate

While last week I was semi-complaining about the lack of great places to chillax in Romania, I discovered another gem this past weekend.

Somewhere near Buzau (it’s not easy to find, which is one of the best things about it) there is this huge lodge, inspired from the typical Colorado log architecture, designed by American architect Jim Ruscitto and that can be yours for a couple of days or just how much you feel like renting it out.

The interior design is signed by Simona Rizzi from Spazio Casa Interioare and every piece is carefully selected to enhance each corner of the house.

The huge windows give amazing views of the surrounding woods and valleys, there is no cable TV, no wi-fi, no landline and reception on your mobile is just weak enough for you to completely disconnect, as we all know that offline is the new luxury.

And trust me, that is exactly what you’ll want to do, either reading and enjoying the fireplace in the living room, to playing some table football in the kids playroom or enjoying the interior pool and sauna, this house is basically a huge playground for kids and grown-ups alike.

There is even a trampoline in the yard that I highly recommend (just make sure you don’t surpass the weight limit).

And if you are lucky enough, you can even spot some deers in the back yard during the night, no joke, we actually got to see some!

You can find all the useful infosĀ here.

Photos: my iPhone.


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