Giorgia Tordini & Gilda Ambrosio are the two influential street style stars behind Attico.

As I came to discover in an interview published in ELLE Romania in August, the brand was born out of a combination of things.

We both felt ready to express our own voice, we wanted a challenge of combining two different styles and make it become a new one, we wanted to create timeless dresses we would love to wear in our closets forever, but moreover we wanted to tell a story about women, made by women.

You can read more excerpts from the interview below, but in the mean time have a look at their SS17 collection to see what the fuss is about — an overall look of understated luxury and an effortless up & down dressing.

Pay special attention to little (& important) details > the ruffles, the ankle bracelets and the bags.

When asked two months ago for my interview to resume the SS17 collection in three words, their response was

exotic, colorful, sexy.

Here are a few more insights on the girls philosophy via ELLE >

ELLE: When did you meet?

Attico: We met few years ago in Milan, through friends in common, and we created a bond from the very beginning. We spoke about working together on something many times, but we never had the occasion to make it happen. Until last September, when, brainstorming in a NY yellow cab, we had the idea!

ELLE: Was clothing design something you always wanted to do?

A: We are both doing this for years. We consult for other brands  as freelancers so it’s not new to us, but we have a special consideration for Attico being our baby.

ELLE: What is the feeling that you aim for with your designs?

A: Attico at first sight seems to offer evening gowns and pieces to wear only for special occasions. We would like our customers to see it as it is, about “key” pieces to mix with their wardrobe. Those versatile garments you put on your vintage Levi’s jeans and you go out feeling comfortable and at ease.

ELLE: There is clearly on homage to femininity in your designs, is it something you miss in today’s fashion?

A: Despite our differences, femininity is something we both have naturally and it was essential to include it in Attico. Robes are the peak of femininity. They are sexy, elegant, versatile. They make every outfit look complete and sophisticated.

ELLE: How do you combine your different visual aesthetic?

A: We have very different styles and Attico is the result of both of us, its aesthetic is Gilda meets Giorgia. The unifying theme is effortless.

ELLE: Tell us 5 items that you always pack for Fashion Week.

A: High heels (Giorgia), sneakers (Gilda), vintage Levi’s jeans, pieces from Attico, black and white basic t-shirts.

ELLE: What is the best fashion/style advice you got and would like to share?

A: Experiment, play with your clothes, have fun and feel sexy. (This is coming from us!)

Giorgia Tordini & Gilda Ambrosio

Giorgia Tordini & Gilda Ambrosio

Their fall-winter 16/17 is also pretty awesome, there are some velvet dresses there to die for!


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