5 Cheap&Chic Dresses to Buy Now

When it comes to good summer dresses, you can find a couple of amazing pieces that are affordable and still bring that extra style factor to the table.

I made a selection of the best 5 models, coincidentally all from Zara.

  • I’m actually contemplating on buying this open back pink dress, you can also find it here.


Styling tip: wear it with a white silk shirt underneath and a dark red choker around your neck.

  • by far my personal fav (already in the closet), is this white cut-out shoulder dress, available here.


Styling tip: get a black velvet bow, have a look at the Rochas summer 2016 collection and tie it in a similar way in the front.

  • the tri-color maxi slip-dress, to be found here.


Styling tip: wear it with a silk long summer cape on top, the Salvatore Ferragamo collection is good inspiration for that.

  • the sexy low-cut back dress, to bring in some unexpected drama. Available here.


Styling tip: wear it with platform velvet sandals in a dark color.

  • a lace trim dress with an underwear feel. You can find this one here.


Styling tip: sure you can match it with strappy sandals for a cocktail look, but I would recommend a pair of chunky rocker boots.

Photos: Zara.


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